Saturday, October 20, 2012

The typewriter

For many years I've wanted a typewriter. Most of the time I write by hand in a Moleskine notebook with a Mirado Black Warrior pencil, my favorite "tools of the trade." I later transcribe (and edit) into a Word document.

But I've yearned for a typewriter. Real writers used typewriters, after all. I'd look at photos of my favorite writers--Dorothy Parker, Ernest Hemingway, Jack Kerouac. And they all used typewriters. I was shocked at the high prices that a vintage, working condition (the operative requirements) typewriters can command--sometimes more than a new computer! That was not an option.

So I kept looking. At every Goodwill, antiques shop and flea market. Used to be people couldn't give them away; now they are sought after!

I had three vintage typewriters in mind as I kept searching...a Royal, a Hermes, and a Smith Corona. Specifically, a black matte Smith Corona Sterling. The Smith Corona Sterling was at the top of the list because it is what Dorothy Parker used to type her poems, articles, and manuscripts. I was born on Dorothy Parker's birthday (August 22) and she's my favorite female writer. I feel I get my snark from her.

"Dorothy" my recently acquired vintage typewriter! 
A friend recently sent me a link with literally thousands of typewriters listed for sale. I had no hope that I would find The One, but find her I did! I found an affordable, great condition, vintage, Smith Corona Sterling in black matte--a typewriter like Dorothy's!

And of course, I named her Dorothy.

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